We always enjoy our time introducing children to characters, stories and ideas from the past. Here are some of their opinions of our visits.

Rowde Academy KS2 "Vikings"

“...An absolutely massive thank you for today! It was amazing. The
children thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope we might be able to have another visit again soon. 
Keep doing these visits!!..."

Aleoric Primary , KS2 "Romans"

" ...Tom was fantastic...The pupils loved how much knowledge our visitor had, they were
very impressed that he was able to answer all of their questions..."  

Hazlegrove Prep School Festival of History

As Steamhorse Interactive, we were invited to help organise a week long 'Festival of History' for Hazlegrove Prep School in Somerset. In four days we covered from the Romans to WW1 for children aged 2 to 14.
Here are just some of the children, teachers and parents feedback on the week.

 "...Children were immersed in the stories of the past..."

 "...Learning about Shakespeare was fun! I love doing the acting even if Juliet did die in the end!’
 ‘It was the best week ever!.."

"...Just a note to say thank you for all your hard work putting this week together. We’re all exhausted from learning so much…’

"...Personally, the Hurdy-Gurdy man and the Leonardo talk today have been my favourites… Lots of stuff I might have known before (in the deep recesses of my mind!) but brought to life & linked together really well..."

"...A vast amount of knowledge, a wide subject area and an extraordinary week..."

 "...What I enjoyed most of all was the Steamhorse Team, because they created history right in front of us … in other words it was awesome.."

The Downs Malvern Prep, KS2 "WW2 Home Front"
"...It was a fascinating day and we learnt loads, but were all glad to get back to the 21st century, where it is MUCH easier to get sweets!..."