What Else We Offer

Topical Resources handling box of Artefacts

The Time Tunnel Experience offers handling boxes to complement each of it's topical experience days. The boxes are designed to be purchased by schools to use as teaching aids, artefacts for handling and displays and as a Topical resource for future year groups to use.

Each box contains a number of artefacts, each hand crafted using traditional methods, many of which were made by members of the Time Tunnel Experience team.

Please contact us for more information on what you will receive in your box and for our price list.

History Workshop visits in schools

All of the topics covered in the time tunnel experience and many more can be offered as an in-school workshop session.
We can offer sessions for KS1, 2 and 3 covering a range of topics from the dinosaurs up until WWII. Whilst based in History we include many cross curricular learning schemes and ideas throughout our visits.

Each session is tailored to suit your individual school requirements and contain story telling, talks, role plays, problem solving, questions and artefact handling.

For more information on what we can offer, check out the link below to our school workshops site: