You will arrive at the site and be dropped off or depart from your coach/mini bus. We recommend that you aim to arrive 20 minutes before your session start time to allows for disembarking and use of toilet facilities.

At your session start time you will be gathered together by the Hsitorian who will introduce both themselves and the day. They will then start up the Time Tunnel that will allow you to step back in time. Stepping through the Tunnel you will all be transported back in time to your chosen era. The Hisotiran will explain some customs and how to talk to people from this time in History, they will remind you to be back by a certain time as you need to travel back to the present day before you can go home.

They will send you along to meet your first characters from the past. You will spend some time with each character before they ask you to take a message or an item down the path to the next character. There are a number of characters for you to meet. Some will tell stories, some will be demonstrationg skills from the past, some will have crafts the children can try and have a go at whilst others will be giving you and idea of what life was like in the past.

At each character station the children will recieve a stamp into their Time Tunnel Passports.

The session will end when you have visited all of the character stations, the last one of which will direct you back to the Time Tunnel so you can travel back to the present day and leave the site.

Your coach/mini bus will have been told to arrive back or be ready for you by this time to take you back to school.

Each visit lasts three and a half hours with a further half an hour lunch slot included mid way around your journey for which an area will be provided with access to hand sanitiser and the toilets. (The First and Last group of the day do not have this half and hour lunch slot as they will end and start either side of lunch respectively, however these groups are welcome to stay on after or before their time slot to allow them to have lunch on site.) 

Whilst the toilet is accessible from all parts (and time zones) of the site we try and encourage the children to go before, after and at the set break time in the timetable to minimise both the effect of moving back to the modern day and so they can get the most out of their time on site.

Hand Sanitiser is available if required at every character station.

Unfortunately our sites do not currently offer facilities to purchased food and drink. Therefore we advise everybody to bring a full drinking water bottle and some form of packed lunch in a ruck sack style bag as this will have to be carried around the site. There will be facilities to leave extra water bottles brought by the schools in a safe place until required.